outhouse sink

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2 thoughts on “outhouse sink

  • The Desert Rats

    Very nice presentation. We are interested in purchasing a composting toilet (or DIY) for our full time off-grid retirement paradise. There are 2 of us. We have AC solar power, running water, a septic system and 40 acres with the nearest neighbor 24 miles away. The human composting could reduce our water wastage and provide fertilizer for our vegetable garden. Being military healthcare professionals we understand the hazards and benefits of the process. Would like to keep the system simple and not rely on a material supply (i.e. compost bags, coir), if possible. It’s 49 miles to a post office on bad roads. We have workshop skills and tooling but no experience with human composting systems (other than “catholes” in combat zones!).
    Open to your offers/suggestions!

    • richardbrunt Post author

      I know of no system that does not require either compostable bags (cheap, made from cornstarch, clean, and easy) or organic material. Poop on its own will not turn into anything. You’ll just have a pile of poop.
      I cannot over stress the importance of not using the composted waste on vegetables. There is no way you can be certain that all pathogens are dead, without sophisticated laboratory testing. There have been small amounts of e Coli found in human waste over 1 year old. It’s a very bad idea to use it anywhere other than non edible plants.