Thinktank Waterless Composting Toilet


AVAILABLE NOW!! ON SALE!!! $1299 (regular price $1350) including FREE SHIPPING to the lower 48 states. Alaska and Hawaii are $150 extra.

Highly innovative, patented, urine diverting waterless toilet. (Urine diversion is key to odor free composting toilets).


Thinktank Waterless Toilets™ have numerous advantages, and will save you money when compared to other toilets.

  • Thintank Waterless Composting Toilets are virtually airtight under normal operating conditions! They draw ventilation from outside – in contrast to other toilets which draw ventilation air from the bathroom area. With other toilets, you are rapidly blowing expensively heated or cooled air outside. The Thintank Waterless Composting Toilet, through its patented airtight design, draws all ventilation air from outside, circulates it through the toilet, and exhausts the same air outside. This saves a great deal of money over time, is far more efficient, and environmentally friendly. Please see the photo of the lid, showing the soft silicone tubing which pushes down into the bowl when closed – creating an airtight seal. No other toilet has this patented technology!
  • MUCH EASIER TO CLEAN! Most waterless and composting toilets have a bowl, with a small trap door for solid waste. A mess results, every time. The Thinktank Waterless Composting toilet utilizes a large chute, with vertical walls. It needs far less cleaning.
  • Because the Thintank Waterless urine diverting toilet is tightly sealed, ingress by insects is virtually impossible. This solves a major problem with other waterless and composting toilets.
  • The patented trap door design allows men to stand when urinating – in contrast to other toilets where men must sit. The trap door stays closed unless you are going #2. It is impossible for the urine to end up in the solids bin – which is a big problem with other toilets. Please see the photo of the patented trap door. Note the metal disks, which are powerful rare earth magnets that hold the trap door securely closed or open.
  • The opening for solid waste is huge, with vertical sides. This overcomes most of the unpleasant clean up associated with many other waterless and / or composting toilets. With other toilets, waste can hit the sides of the bowl, making a mess. With the Thinktank, very little waste will hit the sides, and clean up is easier. Look at the picture of the massive opening!
  • Urine exits the toilet via a drain tube, 7 inches high, at the rear of the toilet. There is a 5′ flexible drain hose that you can lead to the location of your choosing. This is typically a French drain, gray water system, or tank.
  • BETTER LOOKING DESIGN – with vent pipes hidden behind the toilet in most installations (in contrast to other toilets, with vent pipes coming out the top or out the side).
  • Thinktank Waterless Toilets use the best fans in the world. They have exceptional output (high cubic feet per minute rating), powerful static pressure (strength of airflow rating), are very quiet, draw low power, and have an incredibly long life (rated at 150,000 hours). Two fans are provided – one for the air intake and one for exhaust. However, in most installations the intake fan will be unnecessary and you can keep it as a spare. The intake fan is useful for very long runs of vent pipe. The toilets are designed for these fans to be easily accessible and removable.
  • Very quick and easy to empty. Waste is contained inside a compostable bag.
  • All metal parts are high quality marine grade stainless steel.
  • The toilet is incredibly strong. The shell is rotationally molded like a white water kayak. This is the strongest possible way to build something in plastic.  Rated at 350lbs plus. Big guy approved!
  • Works on either 12 volt (a deep cycle 12 volt battery) or 110 volt power (normal household electricity) with the supplied wall transformer.
  • Uses inexpensive, widely available compostable bags.
  • Never need to add peat moss, saw dust, or turn a handle.
  • If you have small children – you can use a standard inexpensive child seat. No need to buy an expensive urine diverting child seat.
  • BEST WARRANTY IN THE INDUSTRY. The toilet is covered for 6 years. (3 years on fans. Fans are inexpensive and easy to replace).