Price Comparisons

Composting Toilet Price Comparison

This is a US price comparison of self-contained composting toilets. Prices change, companies have sales – so please confirm current prices with dealers for these products before you order one.

Toilet Basic price Shipping Total
Nature’s Head $925 $35 $960
Separett 9200 or 9210 $1389 $40-$95 $1389
Envirolet MS10 $2795. Includes a passive wind vent (worth about $50) free shipping $2795
Sun-Mar Excel $1845 You pick up $1845
Biolet 10 $2399 (goes on sale for 1899). free $1899

Note: The above toilets have important differences.  The Nature’s Head and Separett are urine separating designs, while the Envirolet, Sun-Mar and Biolet combine the urine and solids. Read why this is an important difference here. The Nature’s Head is a somewhat smaller toilet, and suitable for up to 2 people full time. The Biolet 10 is rated for 3 people. The Envirolet is rated for up to 8 people, the Sun-Mar Excel 3-4 people, and the Separett has unlimited capacity. (That is because the contents are removed from the Separett, in a compostable plastic bag, to complete the composting process in a secondary container).

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