Nature’s Head Specifications and Dimensions

  • The Nature’s Head measures 13 inches wide at the base of the toilet.
  • Measures 19 inches front to back. However, you should allow another 2″ to tilt the top section up when emptying.
  • It is 20 inches to the seat. This is about 2″ higher than a standard household toilet, and similar to what is called a comfort toilet.
  • The height of the toilet when the lid is closed is 21 inches.
  • The toilet with spider handle or shifter handle measures about 19 inches. However, you need about 20 inches width to install the toilet. Note: if you have the original crank handle (now discontinued) it measures 22″ wide.
  • The urine bottle holds 2.2 US gallons.

Here are the detailed dimensions for the Nature’s Head Composting Toilet

I strongly recommend having the toilet on site, prior to drilling any holes in your structure. Measure twice, cut once.

Nature’s Head with shifter handle. Allow room to tilt back the top section slightly (about 2″) when emptying
Note the fan housing protruding slightly at the side, behind the handle. This can be moved to either side. The vent house attaches to this with a friction fit.